sidingAll homeowners have a list of responsibilities when it comes to maintaining the exterior of their homes. Usually the requirements are a fresh coat of paint every 5 years or pressure washing the brick. These tasks are both necessary but are very tedious especially with our busy lives. Dry-rot is especially rampant in the Northwest because of the enormous amount of rain we receive each year. Most current siding is failing because installers in the past have installed the weather barrier incorrectly which leads to leakage that is able to get behind the siding. This is how dry-rot happens. When thinking of home improvements, especially here in the northwest, it is no wonder so many Oregon and Washington homeowners are considering having their siding replaced.

Residing your home will give it a new face. Tearing off the old siding will also give a homeowner the chance to identify if there is any dry-rot present allowing it to be repaired before any additional damage could take place. New siding is installed on the exterior walls of your home and gives you a multifaceted array of decor options that will make your home look newly built. Laborious repairs and constant repainting is eliminated which greatly reduces the need for upkeep. When it comes to quality siding or re-siding the exterior of your home NW Contracting is your top choice for all your needs.

NW Contracting LLC has proudly provided residents of Oregon and Washington with top of the line siding products and professional installation for over 20 years. Our design experts will help you find the perfect siding product for your home and our highly skilled installation technicians will install the siding using the proper weather barrier required to withstand the weather here in the Northwest.

Advantages of Siding

There are many options when deciding on the siding material you wish to install on your home. Innovations in the industry are designed to be durable and last a very long time. Whether it is vinyl siding, fiber cement, cedar or composite wood, your home will be well protected from the elements. Not only is siding very durable it also comes with a distinct energy efficiency built in. Because the siding is installed directly on the exterior plywood of your home it create an insulated envelope around your entire home. The additional layer of insulation keeps energy where it belong and is able to greatly reduce your energy bills.

Low upkeep, energy efficient and very durable are big appeals to siding. Siding made of composite material such as fiber cement is able to look like anything. From stone or brick veneer to authentic stained wood, your home can be revitalized or take on a whole new look. Your neighbors will wonder how a new home was built without them even realizing it. And the vibrant new look of your house will last for decades.

If you want to breathe new life into your home, call NW Contracting LLC and explore what siding products can do for you.

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