NW Contracting also offer full remodeling services for additions, flooring, architectural trim work and everything in between. NW Contractors will provide all services with guaranteed top of the line materials and excellent professional workmanship.

A Guide To Room Additions Before You Start

Budget: Plan out a reasonable budget that will cover such things as permits, architectural designs, zoning, materials, labor and machinery, always include a buffer fund to cover any unforeseen issues that may arise like dry rot repair. There are many things to consider when building an addition or other home remodeling project. NW Contractors will guide you through the entire processes and make easy and stress free as humanly possible.
County Zoning: Be sure to check with your local county or city planning department to make sure your property lines are adequate for an addition or remodel. This is very crucial and should be your first step. Take plenty of photos of your home and schedule a time to meet with the local zoning office. Bring as much information as you can for zoning officials because they will be able guide you accordingly.
Real Estate Values: You may also want to contact a trusted real estate agent if plan on selling your home. A real estate agent will educate you on what type of additions yield the best ROI in your neighborhood. This is also a chance to ask the real estate agent what type of additions will turn potential buyers away.
Floor Plans: NW Contractors will determine exact dimensions of other rooms in your home and match your room addition plans accordingly. We also acquire architectural designs for all of the additions to effectively layout all possible options during the design process.

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